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Why Affiliate Marketing With Blog?

Just affiliate marketing with blog - affiliate marketing malaysiaI always reply why not?

Gone are the days where business can monetize with a static website. Your customers or subscribers nowadays scream for engagement and updates. That is why you need to run affiliate marketing with blog. They want to know that the brand or the people they are doing business with is alive.

That’s why also when you are blogging for your affiliate marketing business, you need to include the social media like button (plugin such as Slick Social Share Buttons will be sufficient) with your blog. This encourages your readers to like and share your post immediately after they read your blog.

The second reason to why affiliate marketing with blog is to increase your search engine ranking. I have said this many times and perhaps you have seen this (not just from me) too many times,

è Search engines like fresh content

Just like a normal human reader, the search engines will give priority which is updated consistently.

Speaking of consistently updated content, to me personally, blog that is updated once a month is NOT consider consistent. If you really want to ride on the search engine optimization, I’ll suggest you put in the minimum effort of updating your blog once a week.

By the way, when you are updating your blog, please remember to optimize the blog post with your targeted keyword which includes anchoring the keyword as well. The simple explanation to do this is to let the search engines know what the post is about. Besides that, hyperlinked keywords encourage readers to click on it therefore staying longer and discover more about your blog. This can then lead to the readers to actually buying your affiliated product or take action to your call to action.

The good thing about search engine optimization (SEO) is that once you secure a good spot in the search result, very likely you will be there. Well, at least until someone with better SEO skill come along to take your spot…

What To Do Next?

Now that you understand the why to affiliate marketing with blog, the next thing is to roll up your sleeve to get things rolling. Below are some tips to help you get started,

  1. Get a domain – do you need a really good domain? This is a constant debate but to me personally, don’t spend too much time on this. My personal recommendation is to get a short and easy to remember domain. By the way, try to avoid exact match keyword in your domain because Google has this exact match domain algorithm which can affect your search ranking.
  2. Metatag, H tags, site map – these elements are crucial in getting your blog or website being notice and searchable on the search engines. There are WordPress plubgins to help you on metatags and site map. For the H tags, you will need to out some study into it. It is just a quick learning process and that I can assure you of.
  3. Publish your first blog post – be it an article or a product review, just publish it. It doesn’t need to be perfect but it needs to be sincere, genuine and of course keyword optimized. The reason I am saying this is more than to make the search engines happy. It is more for you to get familiarize with this affiliate marketing with blog thing.
  4. Be social linkable – needless to say this is to allow your users to share what they just read. This is also to improve on your social presence and an additional channel for the search engines to rank your blog. By the way, being socially presence can also help in your backlinking campaign.
  5. Images – if you are to start affiliate marketing with blog, I’ll suggest you put in some images in your post as well. Not just that it can attract your readers, it can also assist in your SEO effort by tagging the image with proper alt text. Also, please remember to leverage on Pinterest to support your affiliate marketing blogging effort. Pinterest - affiliate marketing malaysia
  6. Submit your blogs – once you have created your blog, you can submit it to various search engines and directories to improve on your search engine ranking. One of the important directories you need to get on is Dmoz.

You can do the submission manually or outsource it to someone else. However, you need to be aware that you might be getting more shady email request once you have submitted your blogs to multiple directories. This is how some directories make money. They will ask you to subscribe for their service. While some offers do look attractive, you will need to do your own sound judgement before buying their services.

By the way, there are sayings that submitting your URL will do more harm than good. To me personally, I am not sure. But there is 1 thing I know is that submitting your blog to directories that search engines deem shady can hurt your ranking.
So there you go, the above are my personal experience to affiliate marketing with blog and you are welcome to comment at below.


To your affiliate marketing success,

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