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Social Media With An Impact

social media impact - affiliate marketing malaysia

Many affiliate marketers wanted to get a hold of the social media pie but t be frank, it is a daunting process. Many entered the arena with a well thought plan yet still fail to see the desire result. Some entered the social media game only to see some social media platforms outperform another. Are there any social media strategies that guarantee result?

As much as I wanted to tell you yes, I do am struggling with certain social media platforms. While some of my effort with Twitter, I still need to work on other social media sites. So, I am sorry. To me personally, until this point, there are no strategies that show guarantee result.

However, I think many of the social media platforms do share a basic resemblance when come to making an impact in the arena. Let’s take a look below,

Streamline Your Profile

This is the basic setup when come to creating your social media presence. But many affiliate marketing beginners rush their setup because they want to have more social media profiles rather than targeted social media activities.

I personally think that you can’t have them all and it is better that you can focus in a handful of them instead of spreading yourself thin. Correct me if I am wrong because I know many successful affiliate marketers who run limited marketing activities but they are focus on these activities because the activities give them tremendous result.

So, my suggestion to you as the first social media strategy is to take your time to craft your profile. You can always model what the successful affiliate marketers are doing for the social media platform you want to engage with. While you are researching on their profile, notice how they present themselves, their brand and how their profiles give you the confident of who they are.

Because your social media profile speaks who you are. If you have a weak profile, people are not going to follow you and you will never show any impact with social media.

So, here are some components that need to in your social media profile

  • Website
  • What you share
  • Picture of yourself
  • Keyword (if possible)
  • Other social media links (if possible)

The Message You Want To Tell

This is a very important social media strategy because out of the eagerness to make money with affiliate marketing, many affiliate marketers forget the core to social media success is to engage with value.

It is not enough to just share your post on Facebook and Tweet on Twitter.

You need to create a conversation between the followers and that’s where the social media weight comes in. Not just that the search engines will give you better search score, your followers will also give you a better score being attentive and responsive.

By the way, your followers are more likely to share your materials when you engage with them. :)

Unconsciously, you are communicating with your followers that you acknowledge and respect their input.

People like to be respected too. :)

So, that’s my personal opinion to making an impact with social media. Do share your view at the comment below.


To your affiliate marketing success,

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