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SEO Affiliate Marketing

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As an affiliate marketer, I bet you know that your success is hugely depends on the traffic you get. Unfortunately, that is the thing many aspiring affiliate marketers are struggling about. Looking into that, I would like to share my affiliate marketing SEO tips with you.

However, I need to inform you beforehand that this is not going to be a step-by-step SEO for affiliate marketing crash course. If you haven’t know already, I outsource my SEO works.

Just as my video explained, the reason I outsource the work is to save time and energy. If you have tried to do SEO for affiliate marketing business before, you will know that there are a lot of nitty gritty things you need to be aware of. Not to mention keeping track of the search engines algorithm update.

Besides, as affiliate marketers, our job is to focus on marketing…

While getting a full time SEO consultant can be expensive, there are still many capable talents whom you can outsource to. Just refer to my video below

To help you start your SEO affiliate marketing campaign, you can refer to the talents below. I personally use them and I think they can help you in affiliate marketing business.

Afroza – search engine friendly website design

Remark: you can only see her profile when you log into your oDesk account. The price will base on the scale of the project. However she is approachable and willing to discuss on budget

Dino_stark – blast eminent backlink pyramid (EBP)

Alanletsgo – submit your URL to 3000+ backlinks

Marketwriter – write SEO optimized article

Mikemeth – spin and submit article to 1200+ directories

Amitbt – write website content

Five4gigz – promote your business through social media

While you can outsource the website content and I did share someone for you to work at, I sincerely hope that you can create your own content or at least put in your own voice when you receive the outsource work. This is to get your visitors to get familiar with your style.

Besides, no one knows your business best. :)

While backlinks are important for your affiliate marketing SEO campaigns, you need to pay attention to the internal links as well. For your information, search engines don’t just rank home page, they also rank webpages.

When you link your webpages internally (preferably anchor text with keywords), when the search engine robots crawl your site, they will know that there are relevant pages in your site. When someone searches for relevant keywords, you will have the chance to rank 2 pages for SERP or at least the internal linked pages will carry some weight for other pages. Of course what I just said is the result to some dedicated SEO efforts.


Do you see the Adwords advertisement when you search for SEO services?

Should one get their service? I mean if they are as good as they claim, their brand should appear on the search engine result page (SERP) right? But instead they appear on the paid side. Some might think the paid advertisement is to complement their SEO effort but to my understanding, there is no relation between the organic result and paid result.

I mean if you have the budget, you don’t even need to be an Adwords expert to get your brand appears on the paid search result. You just dump in the money and it should work fine.

Besides, if the paid advertisement does help in their SEO effort, their brand should come up on the organic SERP too right?

So what do you think? That makes sense?

Do comments below if you think otherwise for a proper SEO affiliate marketing campaign.


To your affiliate marketing success,

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