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Earn Money With Blog 2.0

earn money with blog 2.0 anywhere anytimeBefore we start, I have to highlight that this earn money with blog 2.o is not a link bait. With 2.0 I am not talking about anything new or any new technology to make money on a blog. If you are looking for them, you might want to leave.

If you decided to stay, what I actually mean with 2.0 is that I assume you have already decided on your niche, setup your blog with your own domain and dedicated some time to update your blog.

It also goes without saying that you are crating quality content to encourage readership and return readers. Your readers are the one who are helping you to make money on a blog. So that is the first thing I want to highlight in this 2.0 post,

1. List building

I have seen many affiliate marketing beginners avoiding this and I can guess it probably because of limited budget. That was me last time, I knew the money was in the list but coming up with a monthly budget for autoresponder and someone to craft the autoresponder message and without knowing how long I have to keep paying for the monthly service? That was hard to swallow…

But coming back for the business again, I was more prepared.

Now, if money is not your problem. You might be struggling to get people to sign up your list. Well, the obvious here is to offer something at value. Since you have money you can hire someone to produce a simple ebook or training guide for you.

If again you are struggling with money, you can actually organize the vast information on the internet, PLR and books and put them as an ebook to giveaway. That is in fact part of what affiliate marketers do. We organize the information and share with our visitors and encourage them to buy with us.

Of course you don’t just copy and paste the information as your ebook. That is plagiarism. Besides, it lacks personal touch when you do that.

Although it is a giveaway freebie and you can brand it as yours, it is actually the first impression you gave to your subscribers (and very likely your buyers). You need to engage with them and that’s the best way is to put in your own voice. You want your subscribers to know who you are as well.

 2. Link Building

Although link building is mostly referring to getting others to link to you, I want to remind you that in order to score better for SEO, you will need internal linking as well. For your information, internal linking is simply linking your post within your blog and external linking is when others link back t you and vice versa. This is to share the love. You can’t just have people link to you and you don’t.

Is just not fair…

A simple way to do it is to anchor text your keywords (both internal and external linking). When search engines spider crawl on your site and others site, it will pick up the keywords and know what your site is about.

Search engine will give you better score if external sites link to you. Of course the external sites will need to be quality sites and similar niche to yours. A simple example is when someone links or anchor text the keyword affiliate marketing to my site, my site will score some points with Google. If someone famous in the industry were to link to me through the keyword, it will score more significantly with Google and if more famous marketers link to me and they do it more often, my score will be even better and assist to push me higher in the search engine result page. I think you see the picture.

So, what can you do for link building?

For blogging beginners, you can start with

- Guest blogging – this is more popular nowadays and I’ll share more info with you in the future.

- Article directories – although their reputation is wavering and some are more money driven, they can still assist in back link and good places for beginner to start with.

- Document sharing sites – you can share your documents on some of these sites and put your link in your documents. You can also put your blog URL when you are uploading your documents. You can start with slideshare.net and docstoc.com

If you have the extra budget, you can try pay per click (PPC) advertising as well. Although you can run your PPC campaign with other sites and Google is said to be neutral when come to scoring but I have seen some comments saying that Google was not so neutral after all. They want you to advertise with them. So is PPC with other platform will get lower score than with Google?

Well, that’s for you to think about…

(Google, please don’t penalize me…)

3. Social Media

Social media has become part of our lives. Even if you are not addicted to it, you will still come in contact with various social media platforms in one or another way.

There was one time my business partner told me that he stopped using his Facebook anymore because he wanted to focus on his business and that Facebook was taking a lot of his time and nothing was done (to some extent, I have to agree on that) and this and that. At that moment, I was thinking let’s see how long you can last. Because I know aside he is a serious business owner, he is also a very social person and he has many acquaintances around the world. He is a business person after all…

As I expected, he uploaded his new photo ALBUM a few days after speaking to me.

So you see, we are not going to be able to run away from social media and it is only going to demand more time from us and more businesses are going to utilize social media to sell to you.

Besides, social media plays a great deal in link building nowadays because search engines want you to be talked about and want to know what you are being talked about. Also by taking part in popular social media platform, it is going to help your search engine ranking. Just as I see my Facebook fan page outrank my website for some keywords. The best thing is that the content was short and not keyword optimize.

However in Malaysia, I notice that many marketers are only focusing on Facebook. I have to say that it is more popular here and probably it is easier to handle for many of us.

But if you are really to ride on the social media wave, I strongly recommend you start to look into other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Also, if you come into contact with any tips about mobile marketing or social media with mobile or something like that, remember to bookmark or follow it. Because the social media is going to be more mobile friendly and more businesses will ride on the mobile band wagon.

So, there you go, 3 of my personal earn money with blog 2.0 for you. What do you think? Care to share some comments? Is there any 3.0 from you?


To your affiliate marketing success,

Image credited to Ed Yourdon.

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