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2013 Facebook Strategies For Affiliate Marketing Beginners

facebook strategies - affiliatemarketingblogmalaysia.comAlthough Facebook is like the gold standard all social media, many affiliate marketing beginner struggle to even take the first step to publish their Facebook page. What I am saying here is not that affiliate marketing beginners are incapable of setting up their business page. What I meant was many affiliate marketing beginners hesitate to setup their Facebook page probably because of the below reasons

  • Missing a focus site
  • Struggling with content or activity
  • Frustrated with likes and shares
  • Fighting with budget

Of course there are more reasons behind the delay but I can only share my lack of Facebook strategies prior to this. To be frank, I started my Twitter page way before my Facebook page. But that is another story.

So, let’s take a look.

Missing A Focus Site

As an affiliate marketer, we don’t just market 1 product. You and I know to make money with affiliate marketing, we need to be affiliate to multiple products (I am talking about the same niche) and that’s where the frustration comes in.

Being affiliated to multiple products, you really don’t have a focus site where you can point your visitors to. You can point your Facebook visitors straight to the affiliate sales page but that will go back to the problem with a long and UGLY URL. It decreases the chances the link getting click.

You can even shorten the URL just to avoid the long, ugly link but there is nothing speaks more credential than a proper URL.

Besides that, you are missing a well structure “about” tab because you are supposed to showcase the about tab with a main website. So, which is your main website if you were promoting products for making money online, article marketing, social media marketing and etc.?

That’s why I always highlight that you at least need to have a basic website of your own. Take a look at Michael Nelson website.

What he is doing is pretty advance stuff. But I am not asking you to do what he is doing. What I am asking you is to modelwebsite - affiliatemarketingblogmalaysia.com his effort and build something of your own. Don’t be afraid that you have nothing to say. You can start with a squeeze page and promote it on your Facebook page.

So, regardless what make money online product or generate traffic product you are promoting, you can send the visitors to your main website which is your squeeze page in this case.

Struggling With Content or Activity

Isn’t this the most fear of them all?

Many affiliate marketing beginner struggle with content because they don’t know where to start and what to say about their product.

You can highlight as much benefit to the product as you want but it’ll eventually get stale. You can move on with another product and repeat the cycle after a while but the core issue remain.

-> You lack fresh content and NOT adding value to your visitors.

So the Facebook strategy for this is to refer to the infographic below from SnapRetail.com.

SnapRetail-FacebookInfographic - affiliatemarketingblogmalaysia.com

I personally think this 70/20/10 rule is marvellous for affiliate marketing beginner to start with to get the hang of marketing on Facebook. The best part of this rule is that you will not run out of content to be published on your Facebook page. :)

Frustrated With Likes

Isn’t this another horrible challenge? Going into your Facebook page to see only 1 like (assuming you do like your business page) day in and day out. That is why many affiliate marketing beginners struggling to move ahead with their business page.

To counter this, I want to share with you my personal Facebook strategy where I PM people with similar interest and some names within the affiliate marketing industry. In your PM, remember to introduce who you are and why you want to connect with them. Is alright you don’t know these people. Just do a search of your niche and look for people in the result pages or apps.

You duty here is to be friend with these people and share their page, status or publication. You can ask the new acquaintance to like your page as well. Of course you need to reciprocal and like their page 1st.

But you might want to do this diligently because I am unsure how Facebook will react to such PM activity.

By the way, don’t be too obsessed with likes. Great numbers don’t necessary bring great success.

Instead, you should be focusing on the number of responses you get when you publish something on Facebook. If you were to look at my Facebook page, I do have a good number of likes but not many of my likes respond to what I publish.

I can pay to “promote” the post and that’s what I am going to discuss in the next tip.

Fighting with Budget

While big organizations are able to promote their business page with a budget, affiliate marketing beginners simply don’t have that kind of budget. So in this case, the Facebook strategy I want to recommend to you is to outsource the work to Fiverr.

Just for as cheap as $5, you can get someone to expose your business page to a worldwide audience. If that is not affordable service, I have no comment to it.

By the way, did you notice the “promote” at Facebook post? I saw it was asking for $5 to help generate wider spread to my page / post. I haven’t try that yet because I am unsure of the ROI. Yes, I can reach more people with the pay promotion but looking at the nature of what I do, I am not sure how many people will actually take action click on the page let alone LIKE my page.

Still, I am open to try this out in the future. If you have experience with Facebook pay “promote”, do share it at the comments below.

I hope the Facebook strategies above can help the affiliate marketing beginners in 2013. :)


To your affiliate marketing success,

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