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Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. I hate numbers…

numbers - affiliatemarketingblogmalaysiaDo you track your website traffic, bounce rates, conversion and etc? I am not going to stress how important it is to track the numbers because Google Analytics  has done a better job.

What I want to share today is about the quality of your traffic.

You probably have heard some affiliate marketers are making handsome money with websites which don’t bank in high traffic. I have personally gone through similar experience.

No. I am not making handsome money with low traffic. I wish I am.

But I am not the lucky one.

Anyway, what I did was to run banner advertising with a high traffic website. The website was (and still) having 130+k monthly visitors and the target visitors are the people I am looking for. But after 3 months, the click through was really bad and not to mention the sales.

Yes it could because of my banner design, call to action and etc. But I have tested with a different design and call to action and I even go to the extend to pay for a very expensive design and get my mentor to dissect the banner. We thought it should work but it still fails to give the click through we want.

So I have to stop the advertising. After discussing with the mentor, besides the elements we can control, we believe it could also because of the traffic quality to the website. The website might get high visits but bulk of the visitors might be just looking for information instead of clicking through the banner.

We also suspect that many of the visitors are repeat visitors instead of unique visitors. The repeat customers probably are numb with banner advertising and made to somehow “blind” to the offer.

On another account, if you are not getting the conversion you want from a high traffic website, sometime it could due to your targeted keyword. For instance, if you are targeting make money online for free, what are the visitors looking for when they visit your website? Of course they are looking for something free.  While you are selling an affiliate product, do you think they will buy from you?

In my case, I have avoided words such as free.

Hope my experience somehow shows that high traffic websites don’t guarantee responsive customers.


To your affiliate marketing success,
Michael Wong

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