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How To Do Affiliate Marketing

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This post is to compliment the how to do affiliate marketing video I did a few days ago. The video share some nice affiliate marketing tips but I think there are more I want to add to it. So, here goes…

One of the affiliate marketing secrets is to build a community and you can do it with 2 ways

  1. Create your own list
  2. Have a social media presence

Before I go in further on the 2 ways, why do you want to create a community?

The community is not just for me to brag about the money I made or the success I have. Instead, the community is to be the platform for me to share what I know and in return to make the money I want and to network with people who want to bring this affiliate marketing business further.

It is the ability to provide the insight which can be useful to some and that the person can utilise the info for his or her own success. :)

Besides, when you are in business, you can only know and do so much. I rely on the community to feed back on some of the latest trends in the how to do affiliate marketing industry.

So if you want to achieve more with your business instead of just making money with it, you should create your own list and community.

Create Your List

How do you create your own list then?

The first thing you need to do is to sign up for an autoresponder service and I will recommend you to start with aweber if you are just starting to build your own list. Because aweber will charge only $1 for the first month you are using the service ($19 / month for subsequent months) and you can send unlimited emails to them when you are with aweber. But if you have more budget, I will recommend you to go with the quarter or annual service to get more savings.

Then you will want to create something of value be it an ebook, a series of training guide or quick consultation so that your visitors will want to join your list.

Knowing that rarely prospects will buy the first time they see your offer, you will want to follow up with your list subscribers to market the product to them. You can either compose these autoresponder emails yourself or outsource the work to Fiverr.

Needless to say, these follow up emails need to be top notch. Not just that they need to provide value, they also need to be able to convert the readers to customers. So if you are not sure you can do that, I’ll suggest you to outsource the work.

Once all the above have been setup, is time to drive traffic to your website. There are a lot of things you can do to drive traffic and you can read some of my tips here. By the way, I need to remind you that whatever way you choose to drive traffic, you always need to pay for it. You might not pay in money but you still need to pay for it with time or effort. You can read more of it in my affiliate marketing traffic guest post.

Social Media Presence

Social media presence is not just to share my affiliate marketing tips with people like you but also for you to share my tips with people like you that you know whom I might never able to meet.

The sentence is too long?

Read that again because it will be another reason why you want to get serious with social media. In short, I want to target the second tier visitors. Now you might not share this with the people you know for a million reasons. But if you do, I get the traffic and might get the sales.

What do you get?

Well, a first step to your affiliate marketing journey and a thank you from me. :)

Hey, at least I am being dead honest here. :)

But with so many social media platforms out there which should you start off with?

It goes without saying that you need to be at Facebook & Twitter. Next you might want to utilize Youtube to do some video marketing. Creating videos nowadays can be free and easy. Just follow the steps below

  1. Create a Powerpoint slideshow of your topic
  2. Save them as jpg
  3. Import all the images to Windows Movie Maker
  4. Import the music or your narrated audio into Windows Movie Maker
  5. Adjust the timeline to your video and audio
  6. Publish the movie
  7.  Upload to Youtube and you are done

Then create your circle with Google Plus and your board with Pinterest.

I think these 5 social media platforms are enough to keep you occupy and you are welcome to follow me on all 5 of them too.

By the way, the secret with social media is to create discussion and one of the ways is to publish content worth discussing about. The note here is content worth discussing and it not always need to be quality content.

Hope the tips above can help you to how to do affiliate marketing more effectively…


To your affiliate marketing business,

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